They’re gifts, they’re presents

They never run us errands.

But yet they’re loved, yet respected

Never them doing us harm have we suspected.

They lift our spirits, keep us content,

Flowers do not take but always lend.


They’re white, pink, blue

Such different hues

With a fragrance calming to the mind

They’re absolutely divine!

Some smell of scented sandalwood, they put us in a trance

And the smell of purple lavander makes us wanna dance.


We use them in  bouquets that give us joy and hope

These are the best gifts for which one will vote.

They have fragrance and colour

They work together  like a sister and brother

Together they have a supersonic power

To entrance and give joy -its the power of a flower.




It’s hard

It’s annoying

Time consuming

So chaotic,

But yet I like it anyway.


I admit-the parts

Of study

And hurry!

No say

And no play

Do really mess up my day;


But the chatter

And the matter

Of discussion

And the laughter

Is so much fun once exams go away


Yes-the rules

Of healthy food

And no gadgets

And ‘No talking zones’

Are enough to drive me crazy.


But once we pass

We leave all and dance

Or holiday somewhere

For at last





You are our mentors

At various training centres.

May it be school or an extra class

In every test you help us pass.


You are our teacher

Without you- we’ll nowhere feature.


You encourage us to do our level best

Even if we can’t beat the rest.

You make lectures interesting with lots of fun and jest

Thanks to you we no longer stumble through boring study quests.


You are our teacher

Without you- we’ll nowhere feature.


You took me on a journey through many topics

From chemicals to tables to life in the tropics.

From the Joan of Arc to language command

To distribution of light to structure of the heart.


You are our teacher

Without you we’ll nowhere feature.




Books can be big

Books can be small

But really, that doesn’t matter at all

What matters is the story, the message it gives

Those messages that help us now as we live.


Most enjoyable is a fiction story

Which tells us about people and their glory.

About people who earned the respect of the world,

Even when against them hope had turned.


Real life stories give us faith and trust

That for victory, working hard is a must.


And with every crisp page we turn,

More and more we continue to learn.


Books are lovely,

Interesting and funny,

I love them a lot

But not more than my mummy.





The pens were discussing their fate

Just as they were newly made.

They wondered how their life would be

They wondered how very nice it would be


Said the one who was made first

‘We’re going’ to a pen shop for better or worse.

They’ll sell us to a human who’ll guide us as we dance

And the trail we leave behind us will make them jump and prance.’


The pens were very happy ‘til he added more:

‘Some humans are very naughty and will throw you out the door.

Some are much worse and will crush you on the floor,

Most will not use you at all and that is such a bore.’


And if you try to run away they’ll catch you on your path;

‘Coz when we run we leave a trail that stays for long last.’



True Winner.


You did work hard.

You sacrificed all you have got.

You carefully laid down your playing cards.

Yet, God willed it and you lost.


A few days of tears

Seem like the longest years.

But what use are they?

They are wasting your day,

And there is nothing you can do about it.


Yes, God willed it.

And now you despise Him.

You wonder why, and more you cry.

But, dear me, you are blind!


You do not see how much you have improved.

How God is secretly helping you.

In this world there is no loser-

just a winner and a learner.


Believe in God, in Him, in His gifts.

And you will get just the right lift.

To enter the world with new determination…

To help this world and our nation.


So never doubt the power of God

One day, you too, shall be great.

But remember, whether you win or you lose,

As long as your efforts are killer…

You shall always be a winner!