✏The Power of a Word


Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. – Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter series.

A word can make you

A word can break you

A word can change you

A word can save you.


Nations have formed at

The utterance of a word.

Nations have fallen at

The utterance of a word.


The Bible and the Vedas

Are written using words

These words have shaped

The size and way of our world.


The simple phrase ‘You WON!’

Has made you the great person you are today

And the phrase ‘You have failed’

Has caused many a hope to get derailed.


Movies, drama, literature, all

Use words to communicate their story

Without these words we would never know

The tales made of imagination and glory.


Without words we could never impart

Information about the predicted end- and the start.

We could never speak and communicate

About what we love and what we hate.


Arshia Vora

πŸ“š Exams

It’s hard

It’s annoying

Time consuming

So chaotic,

But yet I like it anyway.


I admit-the parts

Of study

And hurry!

No say

And no play

Do really mess up my day;


But the chatter

And the matter

Of discussion

And the laughter

Is so much fun once exams go away


Yes-the rules

Of healthy food

And no gadgets

And ‘No talking zones’

Are enough to drive me crazy.


But once we pass

We leave all and dance

Or holiday somewhere

For at last