The Bestest Teacher

A warm August day two years ago,

Two girls showed you their poems,


You got an idea

That gave us a window,


For us to share our little pearls

And poems with the world.


Through this blog we founded a universe

For writers, playwrights, and poets well versed,


Always supportive and encouraging,

Nominating us for every next thing,


Epic and awesome, you were a STUD

Who got us into the Literary Club.


Not a question left unanswered,

All treated equally whether jock or nerd,


You would never hesitate

Or back down from a class debate,


So thank you for all that you have done,

You are definitely number one.


Arshia Vora and Aarushi Aiyar.


PS: We are aware bestest isn’t a word, but we intend to make it one in the near future. HAPPY B’DAY!

PPS: Our first time writing couplets!!


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