The Bestest Teacher

A warm August day two years ago,

Two girls showed you their poems,


You got an idea

That gave us a window,


For us to share our little pearls

And poems with the world.


Through this blog we founded a universe

For writers, playwrights, and poets well versed,


Always supportive and encouraging,

Nominating us for every next thing,


Epic and awesome, you were a STUD

Who got us into the Literary Club.


Not a question left unanswered,

All treated equally whether jock or nerd,


You would never hesitate

Or back down from a class debate,


So thank you for all that you have done,

You are definitely number one.


Arshia Vora and Aarushi Aiyar.


PS: We are aware bestest isn’t a word, but we intend to make it one in the near future. HAPPY B’DAY!

PPS: Our first time writing couplets!!


Chimerical Path

The road is winding

It leads thru a forest

It divides in two

Neither is the best

One end has money

The other has love

Which one too choose?

He’s clearly stumped.

He want both

But not without the other

And so he carves a path

That fights with either and neither

Right between the two paths

Through the hills and over the grass

Till after a million years of toil

Where people only cursed

His hard work together boiled

To form a rocky path

And so like that, he got both

Money and love,

A victorious man he was,

Having earned his worth.