The Fight

A butterfly must break put of its cocoon

To be able to fly;

But it shall not be able to succeed

If it fails the fight.


Nights and days can come and go

And every new day

Is a struggle- so fight it

Hop on  to the victory train.


The train will just take you to the next stop

Another obstacle you must cross.

Time and again you will keep losing

But come back and toughen, put your all in succeeding.


The stronger you are, the better you shall be

Your name shall be engraved in memory.

It then will be easy……

But the fight never ends: not really.


Well- you could stay in the crowd

Like ants in the ground

Never having an identity

Hiding for all eternity.


But then you can’t complain

When others win the day

Or always moan and wail

About how the world never discovered your extraordinary game.



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