Tech Trap

Gone are the days when you had to remember

Your best friends, families and cousins phone numbers

Now you just save it on your phone

Into contacts it goes with their name and photo.


Today’s mentality,

 Is that life is technology.

Some think it good, some think it bad,

Most think that our new world is positively mad.


Now, if you have a question you don’t ask your teacher;

You log straight onto Google on your computer.

Your questions turn to answers at the click of a button,

The knowledge rate is pulling in- From one to a dozen.


Apps are the coolest new innovation

In every new game you want your registration.

Our noses stay buried inside of these gadgets

From chefs to basketballs to swordsmen and their hatchets.


To swap our real world for a virtual one anything we can give.

So engrossed are we that we have forgotten to live.