๐ŸŒŸ The Secret to Success


You have something to do

You have something to prove

You have a dream in your head

So follow it get out of bed.


This step may cause you dread

Others may start seeing red.

But do it if you heart tells you to

Even if the world say โ€˜This you mustnโ€™t do.


You were always meant to be

The unique one-though now, that you wonโ€™t see.

Carve a new path, donโ€™t use an old one

Its hard and treacherous, but your day will come.

ย .

If you manage to do this-and add a mix of fun,

Your future will no longer look dull;

You can be an artist or an inventor or even a cook,

A doctor, film-maker, park ranger or even write a book.


Whatever you do youโ€™ll excel and get famous,

Even if you do design a circus tent canvas.

Just put in all your hard work and determination,

And you can be the jewel of the world and your nation.